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Our Course List - Series 6/63 Package
Prelicensetraining.com has partnered with STC (Securities Training Corporation) to bring you an exclusive online 6/63 training combination package.
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Series 6/63

Series 6 is a FINRA exam required for individuals who are limited to soliciting the purchase and/or sale of certain Investment Company Securities including mutual funds and variable insurance contracts.

Series 63 is a North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) exam required for individuals seeking to register as securities agents with a state securities administrator.

Both courses include:

  • Online Study Manual
  • Online Final Exams
  • Instructor Hotline
  • Customized Study Calendar
  • Crunch Time Facts
  • Updates For One Year
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Online Progress Exams (By Topic)
  • Greenlight Exams
  • On-Demand Lectures
  • Online Flashcards

* One year access to online study manual, 90 days access to on-demand lectures and online flashcards.

STC Series 6 & 63 provided by Securities Training Corporation

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Why STC is the leader in Series 6 & 63 Training

  • STC has superior products, as we have better insight on what can be expected on the exam.
  • Our Instructor Hotline answers more calls than any competitor, not only responding to content-related questions, but also offering individualized study plans.
  • Our Series 6 material is always fresh and up-to-date, reflecting the very latest FINRA rule changes.
  • Our 63 content is consistently updated to reflect the NASAA Outline.
  • Our tracking helps students and firms pinpoint areas of weakness with internal metrics.
  • Our content is written and taught in a user-friendly fashion and can be used by someone without a Financial Industry background.
  • Consistent class presentations with content students have come to trust.